You are kindly invited to the 2. GICF-Couchgespräch, on May 28, 2019! Following a screening of the documentary film „Farewell, Herr Schwarz“, we look forward to you joining us for a talk with director Yael Reuveny, drinks and snacks at Babylon Berlin.


In cooperation with WeTek, we offer Workshops to freelance artists to help you find your way into the German-speaking market. Applying for development funds? Facing German bureaucracy?
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American-Israel Culture Foundation's 2011 Gala, 12/4/11. Photo by Chris Lee

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© GICF / Katja Harbi
© GICF / Katja Harbi

In the Spotlight

Nir de Volff

Born and raised in Petah Tikva, Nir de Volff first entered the world of dance through Folk Dance. He was spotted for his talent and energy and was accepted to one of Israel’s most prestigious dance schools. After being chosen for a production of Pina Bausch’s Dance Company at the Tel Aviv Opera House, Nir set out to explore the world of European dance-theater. His path led him to Berlin where he has been living and working for the past 15 years. In 2007, Nir founded his own company, TOTAL BRUTAL. His latest production, “Come As You Are” opened to critical acclaim at Dock11 in Berlin. Besides creating and producing his shows, Nir has established himself as an internationally sought-after teacher. He teaches his movement method Use/Abuse to curious students all over the world – from dancers in New York City to kick boxers in Warsaw, lawyers in Tokyo, opera singers in Frankfurt, visual artists in Rotterdam, and lady boys in Bangkok.

About us

Over the last years, Germany has become an important destination for many young Israelis seeking opportunities to learn, grow and find success. Many of these Israeli artists have gone on to assume leading roles as directors, professors, and respected conductors, musicians, singers, dancers, painters, and actors in Germany. These men and women represent some of Israel’s finest international ambassadors whose contributions have made lasting impressions on the German cultural landscape.
The Germany Israel Cultural Foundation e.V. seeks to fortify cultural relations between Germany and Israel, help maintain the vitality of the culturally and historically significant of this relationship, by promoting cultural exchange and supporting the next generation of outstanding Israeli artists.

The Germany Israel Cultural Foundation e.V. (GICF) is a fully independent, non-governmental organization, supporting international artistic cooperation and Israeli artists of all backgrounds, irrespective of religion or ethnicity and free of political bias. It is a registered non-for-profit organization. 

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