Over the last years, Germany has become an important destination for many young Israelis seeking opportunities to learn, grow and find success. Many of these Israeli artists have gone on to assume leading roles as directors, professors, and respected conductors, musicians, singers, dancers, painters, and actors in Germany. These men and women represent some of Israel’s finest international ambassadors whose contributions have made lasting impressions on the German cultural landscape.
The Germany Israel Cultural Foundation e.V.  seeks to fortify cultural relations between Germany and Israel, help maintain the vitality of the culturally and historically significant of this relationship, by promoting cultural exchange and supporting the next generation of outstanding Israeli artists.
The Germany-Israel Cultural Foundation (GICF-AICF e.V.) was established as the European affiliate to the America Israel Cultural Foundation, in 2015.
Founded in 1939, the America Israel Cultural Foundation (AICF) has played a central role in the cultural and artistic life in Israel. As the most important source of financial support for Israeli artists, AICF has funded over 18.000 scholarships and raised over $150 million for Israel’s brightest young talents in music, theater, dance, art and film, as well as helped fund cultural and educational institutes across the country.
Among the notable laureates of the AICF scholarship program are the musicians and conductors Itzhak Perlman, Daniel Barenboim, Dan Etinger, Saleem Abboud-Ashkar, Yefim Bronfman and Guy Braunstein; artists Ya’acov Agam, Michal Rovner, Sigalit Landau and Menashe Kadishman; dancers and chorographers Idan Sharabi, Ohad Naharin and many others.
GICF and AICF are fully independent, non-governmental organizations, supporting Israeli artists of all backgrounds, irrespective of religion or ethnicity and free of political bias.

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